‘Archigram: The Book’ reviewed in Wallpaper*

Control and Choice Dwellings, Part Section, Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, Ron Herron, Archigram 1967 © ARCHIGRAM ARCHIVES.jpg

This remarkable book, edited by Dennis Crompton and published by CIRCA Press, comprehensively charts Archigram’s achievements and far-reaching influence as champions of a mechanised idyll that was to inspire such iconic structures as the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Founded by Warren Chalk (1927-88), Peter Cook (1936-), Dennis Crompton (1935-), David Greene (1937-), Ron Herron (1930-94), and Michael Webb (1937-), Archigram’s protest was – literally – constructive, their ‘armour’ being exquisitely drawn cartoons of, for example, cities walking, a rhapsodic apologia for, as Michael Sorkin puts it in the book’s Introduction: ‘the nominally flexible world-democracy of pods, of architecture transmuted to the status of appliance.’

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