Ian Bogle speaking at Value of Design Symposium

Ian Bogle, Managing Director of Bogle Architects, is speaking at this year's Value of Design symposium, on the 10th May in Delft.  Ian will be focusing on the collaboration between Architects and Engineers in real life projects. 

The ‘Value of Design’ symposium draws upon both the architectural and the engineering part of projects, which have to deal with extreme forces, concentrating on the collaboration between the two disciplines.'

'For many decades, architects and engineers have been designing buildings for different environments and situations. At first sight it would seem like an engineering task to design buildings in such a way that they resist these extreme forces. However, to reach the best possible results in terms of safety, aesthetics and economy, an integral collaboration between architects, structural engineers and building engineers is necessary. By taking all the different aspects of a project into account from an early stage, and in an integral and multidisciplinary approach, long-lasting and visually appealing structures can be achieved.'

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