Charlotte Black

Press Assistant

Charlotte Black, graduated in 2014 from Brighton University with a BA (Hons) in Media Studies. Whilst at University Charlotte’s study modules encompassed Marketing, Photography, Video Production, Critical Analysis, as well as Popular and Visual Culture.

Charlotte has always been interested in the visual aspects of things. Having completed her video production documentary dissertation, “Choosing Happiness”, she now has specific experience of the complex visual processes involved. In addition to a wide range of photography projects, Charlotte’s Marketing Module taught her the importance of developing a clear trajectory from an initial product idea, in particular the process of translating early concepts into final outcomes.

Charlotte’s first experience of working in Public Relations was as an intern at LOVE, a film and television Production Company, where she undertook a range of tasks – client liaison, assisting with office management, overseeing practical arrangements for shoots and scheduling the planning and development of production projects.

After graduating, Charlotte travelled extensively in New Zealand and Cuba. On returning to the UK, she joined Belford Communications in January 2015 as Press Assistant.