New German Edition of An Igloo on the Moon by CIRCA Press

CIRCA Press’s award-winning book by David Jenkins with illustrations from Adrian Buckley, An Igloo on the Moon, has been translated into German.

Cover of German Edition, Copyright: CIRCA Press

Cover of German Edition, Copyright: CIRCA Press


An Igloo on the Moon takes the reader on a lively journey through the history of architecture, enhanced by Adrian Buckley’s engaging illustrations, tracing the basic concepts of how and why humans build.

Author David Jenkins looks back to the beginnings of human civilisation, as represented by the igloo, celebrates the modern age of space travel, and explores a future as envisaged by a new generation of architects.

Primarily aimed at introducing young, inquisitive minds to the concept of architecture, the book presents a dynamic visual voyage through human history. The book’s striking design, direct use of language and beautiful illustrations will also attract adults looking for a quirky distillation of the intricacies of design and the built environment.

Adrian Buckley is a renowned graphic artist. For An Igloo on the Moon he has created a compelling series of inhabited landscapes, rich with ideas and possibilities.

David Jenkins is an architect, who writes about architecture with insight and wit. He has written and edited numerous critically acclaimed books, including Death Drive: There are no accidents, and International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth.


"Thank you for your beautiful book – it reminds us what architecture is about!"  —  Renzo Piano

"An excellent resource for educating and inspiring young minds on the subject of architecture, engineering, and the built environment." — Architect’s Toy Box

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Notes to Editors

CIRCA is a new press, rooted in a wealth of experience. The company was founded in
London, in 2014, by editor and critic David Jenkins, who over the past twenty-five years has
conceived and edited critically acclaimed books on architecture and design for some of the
world’s leading publishers.

Circa is working with writers, architects and designers who are passionate about what they do.
Together, we aim to reflect that passion in beautiful, innovative books with the highest
editorial, design and production values.

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