New titles from CIRCA Press

CIRCA, a new press founded in London by distinguished publisher David Jenkins, announces the release of two new titles: 'Death Drive' and 'International Space Station'

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Death Drive: There are no accidents is about remarkable people, remarkable cars and remarkable circumstances.

Cars have a talismanic quality. No other manufactured object has the same allure. When this perverse promise ends in catastrophe, these talismanic qualities acquire a far more disturbing dimension.

The car crash is a defining phenomenon of popular culture. Death Drive assesses the impact of the automobile on the modern imagination and an analysis of twenty celebrity car crashes, including ISADORA DUNCAN, JAMES DEAN, PRINCESS GRACE, ALBERT CAMUS and JACKSON POLLOCK.

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David Nixon’s new book – International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth – is published by Circa Press on 1 March.

This book offers the first comprehensive account of the Station’s conception, design development and assembly in space and its publication coincides with Tim Peake’s current mission to the Station.

In January 1984 President Ronald Reagan gave NASA the go-ahead to build a Space Station. A generation later, the International Space Station is now a highly successful research centre orbiting the Earth. The history of this extraordinary project is a complex weave of powerful threads – political, diplomatic, financial and technological among them. 

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Notes to Editors

CIRCA is a new press, rooted in a wealth of experience. The company was founded in
London, in 2014, by editor and critic David Jenkins, who over the past twenty-five years has
conceived and edited critically acclaimed books on architecture and design for some of the
world’s leading publishers.

Circa is working with writers, architects and designers who are passionate about what they do.
Together, we aim to reflect that passion in beautiful, innovative books with the highest
editorial, design and production values.

Circa’s first publication – Jan Kaplický Drawings – was hailed by the RIBA Journal as ‘an
instant classic’. That book, together with Circa’s second new title, An Igloo on the Moon – an
architecture book for children – won the DAM Architectural Book Award, 2015: one of the most
prestigious awards in architectural publishing. A first for a new publisher!

This spring, Circa’s new titles are: International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth
and Death Drive: There are no Accidents.


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