Mind Maze at the Museum of London

Mind Maze, an installation at the Museum of London by Seán & Stephen and Neu Architects, offers an intriguing look into the enigmatic mind of Sherlock Holmes.

The installation coincides with the Museum of London’s major exhibition “Sherlock Holmes - The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die”. Both exhibition and installation remain on view until 12 April 2015.

The installation in the museum foyer comprises brightly coloured doorway structures, each one an iteration of the famous front door at 221B Baker Street, with clues and illustrations offering a visual and coded depiction of a Sherlock case.

The Mind Maze is a playful and enigmatic introduction to the Sherlock Holmes season at the museum. The curious structures have piqued the interest of visitors of all ages, offering a suitably Holmesian experience, with their faithful interpretation of the stories and the cryptic clues within.”
— David Spence, Director of Transformation at the Museum of London